East Coast Wings With Additional Offerings

This was sent via email from East Coast Wings & Grill (with edits):

ECW+G is offering 20% off for hospital workers (with free delivery). Each location is offering 20% off for first responders. Both are call-in orders only.

Additionally, East Coast Wings + Grill is offering curbside pickup, where people can order online or over the phone. If ordering online, all they have to do is write ‘curbside,’ in the special instructions section. Call the store when you arrive and they will be the food to your car. They also have family packs available for $25.99 to feed a family of four.

Select locations offer delivery through DoorDash.

Updated (3/26): We are also offering Service Industry employees 20% off Friday-Sunday. Just bring a pay stub or some proof of where you’ve worked in the industry.

Latest Updates From Krankie’s

Krankies has posted new hours, services and policies. Thanks, Krankies!

We are open from 8am to 4pm each day until further notice.

We met with our Dept. of Health inspector yesterday to review our policies and procedures and are working to ensure our employees’ safety and the safety of our loyal customers.

Call your Order in ahead of time 336-722-3016!

We are working on online ordering and will have our website updated soon.

The coffee is still fresh, biscuits hot and we plan to keep our doors open as long as we can.

Thank you to our hardworking staff for your understanding and flexibility during this time.

Thank you our community for all the support you have shown us over the last 20 years.


If You Needed a Reason to Love Tommy Priest

The title is a bit of a misnomer because I know of no one who doesn’t love Tommy Priest and what he means to the community, not just the food and beverage community, either. I have a man-crush on him. This was posted on his page and reposted on the Coffee Park Airstream page…

Monday: filled with supply chain frustrations and purchase limits offset by the love and support of friends and customers. I’m okay with this equation.

So, in the spirit of passing along blessings,

Coffee Park Airstream will extend our 20% off all purchases by doctors, nurses, PA’s, lab techs, urgent care providers, and anyone else fighting on the front lines of COVID-19 until MAY 1, 2020.
Additionally, due to the generosity of our community, we have a rather large gift card filled for use by our medical professionals. Just show us your ID from Wake Forest Baptist Health or Novant Health or your medical workplace to receive the discount and/or your free caffeinated beverage. Thank you for your immeasurable sacrifice. Mad love and respect for all you’re doing and all you will do. If you’d like to support our medical folks with caffeine, you can purchase an eGift Card and send it to them. They can share the gift card number with their team members. squareup.com/gift/5DRCC1JY9NFSZ/order

The Man Who Ate the Town Podcast Episode 146

In Episode #146 proudly recorded in The Less Desirables Studios at The Lab at Industry Hill:

Social Distancing with Tim, Ray and Lea Metz

Tim and Ray talk about:

  • Lea Metz joins, via Zoom, and talks about the list that she and Tim have been working on to make sure the WSNC eating public knows where to find food for takeout, curbside service or delivery.
  • You can find the list here or here.
  • Food holidays and history.

Don’t forget our sponsors:

Carrabba’s Italian Grill Healthy, grilled meats, wood-fired pizzas, fresh ingredients, and phenomenal wine dinners. That’s just some of the offerings of Carrabba’s. And, Daniel Butner, the local proprietario, is salt of the earth and a pillar of good in the community. Go taste the goodness that is Carrabba’s and see why Tim and Ray are always talking it up!

Washington Perk & Provision Company. Better than a convenience store but not quite a grocery store, in the heart of Washington Park and Downtown WSNC.

The Humble Bee Shoppe is challenging your perception of scratch made and leaving you with an experience you couldn’t possibly forget! With inventive flavor combos and a sense of artistry, The Humble Bee Shoppe isn’t your average bakery.

The Man Who Ate the Town is part of The Less Desirables Network. Give it a listen on iTunes, Stitcher, Podcast Addict and TuneIn, basically anywhere you can listen to podcasts. Or you can listen here (at the bottom of the post).

Bon Appetit!

Willows Does Driveby Starting 3/23/20

From Willow’s Bistro:

Willow’s Bistro Winston-Salem

is proud to announce we will be doing what we do best so that you and your loved ones can stay safe and healthy.

Call: 336-293-4601 tomorrow (Monday) at 12pm.
We will be taking orders for drive by pick up. Here’s what we’ve cooked up for you:
$30 Family Meals: choose between Spanish Paella or Shepard’s pie. Serves 4-5 people. Chef Matthias Gomez
has really outdone himself with the quality and value per serving.
Salads include Turkey, goat cheese salmon or our Chicken Pear.
Sandwiches include our Burgers, Fried Chicken and Fried Green Tomato. (Sides included)
Ryan Oberle is also serving up $20/Quart Sangria for those that want to really enjoy this quarantine!
Save what you’ve stocked up on and enjoy a fresh hot meal. Support local and let us take care of you in this trying time.

Healthy Made Simple Available to Feed the Self-Quarantined

Pamela Baker contacted me about her service, Healthy Made Simple.

©Pam Baker

From the website,

Using only the freshest, healthiest ingredients, we prepare meals that will tantalize your taste buds, even for the pickiest of eaters.

Though not catering to a particular style of eating, you will find items that fit into your lifestyle choices whether it be vegan, vegetarian, paleo, meat lovers and more.  Each item is prepared carefully in our professional kitchen. Our food is packaged for your convenience and ease of storage in the refrigerator or freezer.

She tells me customers go online and order from Sunday to Thursday and she is delivering on Mondays.

You can see her weekly menu and order from the website. You can also follow their Facebook and Instagram. I am quite sure they’re available to answer your questions, as well. Support your local businesses!

Buie’s Market Donating Apparel Sales to Local Servers

From Buie’s Market’s Facebook Page (with edits):

Waitstaff and bartenders are all struggling right now. We’re donating all of the proceeds of our Buie’s Market apparel to our neighbors, the Diamondback Grill staff.

We’ll also be selling Southside Beer Garden Apparel to benefit @southsidebgbs bartenders.

Grab a t-shirt or a hat while you’re in the store! @ Buie’s Market

From TMWATT: Have I mentioned how awesome the folks at Buie’s Market are? Well, they are!

Wine Merchants/Vin 205 Offer More Than Takeout

On a post that I posted on Facebook yesterday about the updated list of restaurants, Wine Merchants/Vin 205 posted the following (edited):

Like to cook at home? We have a butcher shop too; it arrived early. We can do curbside pick up with phone orders, even pay at the car.

We have a bunch of Take-N-Bake items in regular rotation, and daily features until they run out. We can do curbside pick-up with phone orders. 

Their phone is: (336) 765-8175.

Putting In Some Perspective…

©Claire Calvin

From Claire Calvin (owner of The Porch, Alma Mexicana and co-owner of Canteen Market and Bistro) and her truly infinite wisdom:

A few more thoughts before I try to meet this new day.
Since the government closed down bars and in-restaurant service today in North Carolina, you may have seen many of your favorite restaurants post on social media that they would move to take-out/curb-side and/or delivery service, and you may have thought, “great! I’ll have so many options whenever I get sick of cooking all of this massive amount of food I just bought!” Maybe you also thought, “great! They’re going to be able to save jobs and stay in business.”
The reality is this:

• many restaurants will only have a few days to determine whether this model is viable, and if they don’t have a high volume of that business right away, they will close that service and shut down completely. If you wait until you’ve cooked through all of your homesteading recipes you’ve got planned, those options will be gone.

• Delivery and take-out, even in a best-case scenario, likely would only require between 50-20% of the back of house staff, and without drink sales and dining room service will not generate the tip income to keep almost any servers. So that’s a ton of employees people are still having to face letting go.

• Transitioning to a completely new service model is not as simple as just shoving the same food into boxes and taking it to your house. Among other things that make it hard are putting in place the technology to get a menu online, figuring out what hours, how far away can you deliver, what menu items, and what containers you’ll put everything in, and on and on and on. Trying to resolve those questions and implement new systems in a 12-24 hour window against the backdrop of laying off at least half of your workforce is challenging, to say the least.

So if your favorite restaurant is trying to throw this Hail Mary, here’s what you can do:

• Order right away for a week or so – you could take a meal to a friend who is struggling with homeschooling three kids while trying to “work from home” (😫😫😫) or an elderly person you know who is nervous to leave his or her home

•. Be patient when your order is messed up/cold/late/difficult to pay for because your favorite restaurant is hopefully not a big chain and not freaking amazon. They may literally be doing it for the first time.

• If you have a skill set that might help (ability to build web pages, graphic design ability to make signs and posters to help them advertise, social media savvy, or knowledge about setting up online credit card payments) and time to help, offer those skills.

• Be patient.
• Be patient.
• Be patient.

• Understand that it may not work anyway, and be supportive either way. Also, understand that there is grief going on behind the scenes either way.

For our businesses, we have one restaurant (The Porch) where a lot of this was already well-incorporated into our system and process, and we will hopefully be able to continue providing that service throughout this time. At Alma, we have made the decision to close completely after two nights of offering take-out only. At Canteen it was simply not feasible to even try because of the overhead of running even a bare-bones operation there because, without drink and product sales, nothing works. It is incredibly, unfathomably hard to watch something you just poured everything into essentially burn down in less than a week, and even harder not to be able to help the creative, hard-working, funny, talented people who helped build it with you.

Thank God we have the window of opportunity that we do at The Porch and Dinners on the Porch, but many independent restaurants do not. So support this last-ditch effort and maybe some independent restaurants will make it to the other side.

(And as a note, I am writing about restaurants because I run restaurants, but I know people in every different situation are suffering the same, so there is no hierarchy of hardship where I’m suggesting you owe anything to restaurants in particular. much of this applies to so many other small businesses and organizations – retail, schools, small non-profits, artists, etc. This horror is facing all of us even if we don’t get sick, so being patient and sticking together is all I can think of to help us weather this season of grief we’re all living through.)
Love to all & thank you again for all of your tremendous support thus far. Onward!

Baked Just So and Corks Caps & Taps Updates.

Updates from Baked Just So, Corks Caps & Taps

Baked Just So

Good morning friends☀️
Starting today we will have modified hours to better suit this crazy town situation, keep in mind it may change tomorrow.
We will be open from 8-3💜 Our walk up window has been awesome and thank you to everyone who used it yesterday. You’re also welcome to call ahead and we will bring it to your car or get it delivered through Grubhub. Your continued support has been amazing and my staff and I thank you🥰💜 (336) 923-5778
#bakedjustso #comfortfood #chocolatecroissant #getinmybelly #weallneedsweetsandcoffee #butcoffeefirst #hanginthere
#bekind #wsnc #pfafftown #wewillsurvive


Corks Caps & Taps

Corks Caps & Taps is offering curbside pickup on Fridays and Tuesdays. Orders have to be placed by noon on Thursdays and Mondays. See their Facebook page or email BrewersCCT@gmail.com to place an order. Menu available on Facebook or can be emailed upon request. (336) 893-6671