Tim: Bring me my Hassenpfeffer! If I can’t pronounce it, I want to try it! (I CAN pronounce hassenpfeffer!)
I’ve been writing about food since around 2009 but didn’t get serious about it until around 2013. And soon, we’ll have videos and a podcast, as well. It’ll be food media everywhere! We will highlight the restaurateurs, chefs, home cooks and general food news and views happening in Winston-Salem, NC. It may be recipes. It may be food pairings with bourbon, wine or beer. It may be a new restaurant opening or executive chef changing his gig. Whatever the food buzz, we’ll tell you about.

While I’ll be doing most of the legwork, I can’t get through life without my partner, my wife, Stephanie. Here’s what she has to say…

Stephanie: I prefer to eat things that I don’t already know how to make. (I TOO can pronounce hassenpfeffer)20140902_141104

Do you have a food story, a chef you want more people to know about or just want to shoot the breeze with me? Contact me here: tim@themanwhoatethetown.com

About the Podcast

The Man Who Ate the Town Podcast was launched in 2016 with Tim doing all the duties: producing and hosting. In late 2019, Ray Morgan joined Tim and now together they do all the “food news and views” around Winston-Salem. Stephanie joins when she can. Watch the food blog for each week’s update.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I have a cool place in Winston Salem that I recently visited and think you should check them out. Please let me know how to send you the information

  2. Hi Tim!
    Just curious if you have any recommendations for beef carpaccio in Winston. We had some while in Spain and I just fell in love with it! I did a quick Trip Advisor search and then remembered your blog and pod cast!

    • Hi Loree! I would say to check with Meridian or Spring House as I know Chef Mark (Meridian) and Chef Tim G. both love good charcuterie and curate their own. Tell them that I sent you!!!

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