A Whole New World. A Whole New Direction

So, here, this is the first post on the “new and improved” The Man Who Ate the Town blog. We’ve really neglected this blog over the last few years. We just spend so much time doing other social media things: Stephanie works for Second Harvest Food Bank in their social media/marketing and Tim does several podcasts and another blog called Useless Things Need Love Too. On that blog, Tim sometimes does restaurant reviews and he will repost those on here, as well.


Tart & Tangy Triad

We ate a lot of good food in Europe when we were getting married in Scotland and honeymooning in London, Paris, Bruges and Brussels. We eat a lot of great food in Charlotte.  We eat a ton of great food in the Triad, especially Winston-Salem, even more specifically, downtown.  We will touch on a lot of that.

On Tart & Tangy Triad, a food podcast, we talk a lot about those restaurants, food history, gossip and rumors about food establishments or people, national and local food trends and events that are happening in the area.  So, we’re going to let this blog act as an extension of those aspects of the podcast.  Now, of course, we want you to listen to the podcast and we want you to read this blog, so the content may or may not be in conjunction with each other, but we will have content that you’ll have to tune in, or read (or both) to get the info.  We record Tart & Tangy Triad on Tuesdays and it is available on iTunes and Stitcher, as well as on the website.  We also do an “Appetizer” video on YouTube that is released on Friday mornings.  Just look up Tart & Tangy in the search box and there you go!  Enjoy!

We also understand that there may be some lulls in the action on here, but we promise, we will do our absolute best to update as often as possible and make the content worth waiting for.  And with that, we’re signing off this post.  Bon appetit!

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