Guest at the Table: Butcher & Bull

I have decided that I have a “street team” and that I will let them describe some of the fantastic foods and/or restaurants that I haven’t been to, yet, I haven’t been to in a while, they go on my recommendation, they find something new or anything else that pertains to “food news and views.” They may venture out beyond the confines of good ol’ WSNC. Seems like a good idea to me. 

Butcher & Bull
by Steven McDowall

I went to Butcher & Bull last Tuesday, at around 6 PM.  Not very crowded (alas).  My cohort in crime was having a drink in the bar and we grabbed our table. The service was prompt and friendly!

I’ll get the one negative thing that I didn’t like out of the way now — the atmosphere is… odd.  It’s sort of austere and very very open.  It did not (to me) resonate with a “steak/chop house” as I have come to know them around the US,

especially not Chicago or NYC.  I wish they would have closed the restaurant from the hotel side with a wall and a door .. and maybe more wood or something.  Oh well.


Okay, on to the food!

Overall? Solid A-/B+.

Bone-in, dry-aged ribeye

The shrimp cocktail was an awesome presentation, presented under a smokey dome. There were four very large shrimp and some truly good cocktail sauce.  The shrimp had just a wee bit of smoke flavor; not overpowering at all. In fact, the only complaint was that these did need the cocktail sauce.  Once the smoke flavor dissipated, the shrimp didn’t have much flavor to them by themselves.  However, they were perfectly cooked and did I mention they were so large I think they were probably eating small animals as they were growing? B+

We then had the Gem Salad (with Avocado) and added some lardons, because they had lardons on a different salad (the wedge) so why not every salad, I mean… BACON!! right?  Solid salad. B!


The main course was the 22 oz bone-in dry aged rib-eye, which we split.  Thank goodness.  This was a perfect thing of art. The 40-day dry-age was perfect and made the steak so tender and flavorful.  It was cooked absolutely perfect!  Great char, great flavor!  Maybe the best steak I’ve had in W-S.  A+

We also had the Mac & Cheese — they have a nice selection of sides, but 2 people can only eat so much. This was spot on the style of Mac & Cheese I love. All it needed was some fresh black pepper which was easily obtained.  Of course, I think all Mac&Cheese needs more/any black pepper.  A-


I also appreciated their wine selection.  They have a nice range of wines that are really not that horribly expensive for the quality. We were able to find a very nice bottle of Rodney Strong, one of my favorite guys, for $35 or so.

And dessert!?  Again, simply the best cheesecake, other than my wife’s, that I’ve had in W-S, as well.  A!

So yes, this is a legit and great restaurant. Chef Richard Miller came by to say hi and mentioned that, in the future, he plans to build his own dry aging facility down in the basement where he could do other things too!  Should be pretty exciting.

Butcher & Bull is located 425 N Cherry Street, in downtown Winston-Salem, in the Marriott Hotel.

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