Twin City Hive to Open Second Location

The Salem township, just south of Washington Park will be welcoming a new coffee shop this Wednesday. I say new, but the only thing “new” is the new occupants of a space inside the Gateway YWCA. That’s right, the Gateway YWCA. Twin City Hive, the community favorite coffee shop that is already in the Brookstown Business Center at 301 Brookstown Ave., the area that we call South of Business 40 or SOB40, is opening a new second location inside the “Y.”

Why the “Y” you ask? According to Joey Burdette, co-owner of TCH, “you don’t have to be a member to get inside the lobby area. They have computers and wi-fi inside. It’s really become more of a community center than just a gym.” The facility is becoming more and more of an event space with sporting events and other activities. Parents who have children at or picking them up from events will have a bit of an activity (or escape) while they wait.

Joey said plans for the new location will include a streamlined line up, including drip coffee, teas, kombucha and nitro cold brew taps. They’ll have some munchies available, as well. There will be some yogurt parfait cups, some pastries and, perhaps, at times, layer cake.

Joey also said that they have painted their new area, added new furnishings and have tried to recapture the feel and ambiance of the original “Hive.”

The new Twin City Hive Coffee Lounge at Gateway YWCA

It turns out that the board and other executives of the Gateway YWCA are all fans of TCH and have all spent time in the Brookstown location. Joey and Terry (Miller, co-owner) had done an event where they supplied coffee for around 700 people at the location and joked about putting something there. The “powers-that-be” thought it was a great idea, as well, and approached Joey and Terry to put something in that space, inviting them to “make it their own.” I’d say you don’t tell Terry that and not expect him to actually turn the space in question into a visual and comforting destination.

We here at TMWATT are fans of TCH and cannot wait to see what they’ve done to the space. My son, Trey, used to do the after school program and I spent some time in there. Besides that, Joey and Terry don’t play when it comes to their products and services, so it’s going to be good. Good luck, guys!

The Gateway YWCA is located at 1300 S Main St in Winston-Salem.

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