Caramel Coloring Bad For You?

Tim: While I am always skeptical of these “studies,” I do at least check into them.  The logic for me is that they’ll say one day this is bad for you while this thing is good for you, then a year later, their roles are reversed.  I’m still waiting to hear that drinking antifreeze will be good for you.  But, still… judge for yourself.

According to this Science Daily article, caramel coloring in your soft drinks is bad for you.

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    • I drink very little soft drinks, especially the dark ones. I do drink a lot of dark beer. What can be used instead to create the color? And, does the color really matter? I know Crystal Pepsi or Pepsi Clear or whatever bombed in the 80s/90s, even though it tasted just like Pepsi. Still, does the color really, really matter? I don’t think it does. I want dark beer to taste great and have good lace, not necessarily be extra “dark.”

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