Chef Tim Grandinetti Prepares Quanto Basta West


Chef Tim Grandinetti in the Wine Cellar (©Lisa O’Donnell/Winston-Salem Journal)

Chef Tim Grandinetti is getting really excited, lately. How can someone as busy as Chef Tim – Spring House, Quanto Basta, planning the Sweet Summer Luv Luv Festival, just being awesome – have time for any more projects? Well, why wouldn’t he have more projects. Chef Tim seems to be happiest when he’s busy.


High top chairs

Well, the latest in the long list of Chef Tim’s crazy, busy life is actually a continuation of an original concept. He’s preparing to open Quanto Basta West in the Kinderton Place Shopping Center in Bermuda Run. I got to do a walk through with Chef Tim yesterday and it looks amazing! I’m excited for him and I can see why he’s so worked up about it.

I actually got to watch them bringing in the furniture. When I got there, there was the bench seats along the wall (and the mirrors above them) and no other furniture. Chef Tim’s staff were there unloading the trucks and bringing in the bar stools, high top chairs and regular sitting chairs. Then, the table folks came and marched in the table tops, some squared, some circular. It was like I had personally purchased new furniture and watched them being brought into my own house. That’s a testament to Chef Tim’s enthusiasm. He made me feel at home in his new place.


The Bar


The Wine Cellar

Speaking of which, he had me explore the emerging restaurant, telling me to “make myself at home.” The kitchen is all shiny and new. Pizza ovens, fryers, three stoves, a double-decker convection oven and a very long food prep and serving counter. There will be a lot of food coming from that kitchen and there’s plenty of room to handle it.

Back in the dining room, the decor is very reminiscent of QB Downtown. The color scheme and signature stone accents are present at QB West. The dining room will have a max capacity of around 72. There are four high top tables, 10 stools around the bar, and just like in QBDwtn, a community table where large parties or even several small parties can sit and get to know new people. That’s a concept that is starting to slowly spread through some Winston-Salem restaurants but I wish it would become more prominent. In essence, if you sit at a bar, you’re sitting at a community table. In addition to that, there will be about 16 seats on a patio for outdoor seating.

New Oven

New Oven

The centerpiece of the dining room is the glass and wood wine “cellar.” It was custom made for QBW and has a library ladder inside. Chef Tim said it will hold around 1200 bottles. Also, he has plans for making his own balsamic vinegar, which is a many-year process. The beautiful wood cabinet and storage area is impressive empty. I can only imagine the awesome sight it will be when it’s stocked and ready for imbibing.

Wine is definitely a focus in the Quanto Basta wheelhouse as it’s a staple at the downtown location. In fact, if you like the menu of QBDwtn, then you’ll be happy to know that, according to Chef Tim, the same exact menu will be offered at QBW. That means the favorites, such as Sausage & Clams, Fettucine John Angelo, Beef Short Ribs Barbaresco and Pepperoni Sandwich (and many others), will be offered in both places. The beer and wine lists, I believe, will be comparable.

New Set of Stoves

New Set of Stoves

Chef Tim is planning on doing an opening in around two weeks. The target date, as of this writing is October 20. I had an opportunity to sit with Chef Tim for a few minutes and you could hear in his voice, in his actions – especially while watching them bring in the furniture – just how excited and anxious he is for everything to get rolling. I’m sure the neighbors and Bermuda Run residents can’t wait either. I know I can’t wait. There’s even talk about a third QB location, but that’s not up for discussion, as of now. How’s that for a tease?

Quanto Basta West is located at 240 NC801, Bermuda Run. Currently the Quanto Basta brand is under the Spring House masthead on the Spring House website. You can keep track of the menus for everything by visiting the “Menus” tab on this blog, as well. Make sure to try Chef Tim Grandinetti’s wares as he truly pours his heart and soul into the traditional Italian food that he learned from his family’s heritage and traditions. You’ll love it.

Saluti! (for the Italians)
Slàinte! (for the Gaelic)

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