Smitty’s Reports Las Estrellas Mexican Restaurant Closed

Jeff Smith, of Smitty’s Notes, has posted that Las Estrellas Mexican Restaurant has closed its doors, for good.  I know many of my friends have stated that they really loved this restaurant.  My only experience with it, my one and only, was not very good.

It was about 7 years ago and, while I forget what it was I ate, I haven’t forgotten the experience.  I was having something, most likely a quesadilla or a combo or something, and in it there was a long hair in it.  That wasn’t all. There was also a hair in the margarita that I had ordered.  I’m glad it was on the rocks and not frozen. I reported both of them to the manager (owner?) that was there and they gave me and the person I was there with’s food for free.  That was nice of them.

Hair in my food has always been a fear and reality of mine, remind me one day to post about a Hardee’s experience.  And, I’ve had a hair in my food before and have gone back if the restaurant handles it correctly; they did here. However, when two items were ruined by hair, I can’t stomach that.  I swore I’d never return and I didn’t.

While I hate to see any business, especially a restaurant, go out of business, I can’t say that I’m surprised, upset, or even care.  For those who did like it, I feel for them.  It’s my understanding that Senior Bravo on Marshall Street is owned by the same family and from what I can tell, that place is rocking all the time. Maybe they’re going to be in good shape.

Thanks, Jeff, for the info.


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