The Man Who Walked the Town Announces Three New Sponsors

You may be wondering why this is “food news” but I can assure you that it certainly is.

Full disclosure, I am the writer of The Man Who Walked the Town blog and host and producer of the upcoming web vlog series. It’s part of the Man About Town media “group.” So, this may be a little self-serving but it’s something that I feel is important for these sponsors and for the community.

Mary’s Gourmet Diner, Atelier on Trade and Hoots Roller Bar & Beer Company have all signed on to be sponsors of The Man Who Walked the Town. The Man Who Walked the Town is a lifestyle blog that is designed to not only keep the writer, Tim Beeman (yes, that’s me) active and healthier, but also focus and highlight the many fantastic neighborhoods that reside in this beautiful town we call Winston-Salem. There will be pictures and then there will be video. It will be turned into a web video series that will be on popular video channels.

When Tim and Stephanie (known collectively as The Man Who Walked the Town) start each walking day, no matter their focus neighborhood, they start at Mary’s, loading carbs to provide fuel for activity. After getting fueled up, they walk to Atelier on Trade and get caffeinated to add that boost to the walking duo. After the walk (usually around 10,000 steps) they always end up at Hoots Roller Bar & Beer Company to have a celebratory adult beverage.

So, if you see The Man Who Walked the Town out and about, please don’t be shy, especially if you see them at Mary’s, Atelier on Trade or Hoots. Walk a few steps with them and recommend your favorite Winston-Salem neighborhoods to them. Also, I don’t have to tell you this, but, all three of these restaurants/food/beverage places are worthy of your dollars and are some of the best at what they do.

Mary’s Gourmet Diner is located at 723 North Trade Street. Atelier on Trade is located at 533 North Trade Street. Hoots Roller Bar & Beer Company is located at 840 Mill Works Street.

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