The podcast for The Man Who Ate the Town is going to take the next couple of weeks off. As I said last week, a lot of the food happenings around town are a bit slow. But, don’t worry. The podcast will be back, soon. And, if food news comes along, you can certainly get that news here. The site will still be updated regularly.

Four things that aren’t going anywhere? That’s DiLisio’s Italian Restaurant, The Humblebee Shoppe, Washington Perk and The Lab at Industry Hill!

Dilisio’s Italian Restaurant is the Italian Restaurant in town. The richest, most flavorful sauces with the freshest of ingredients can’t be beaten. Tony and Maria know what they are doing and once you’ve had Dilisio’s, you’ll crave more and not want any other Italian food in Winston-Salem. Find them on social media and on their website. Or, you know what? Just go to 300 Brookstown Ave. and see what I’m talking about!

The Humblebee Shoppe is located at 1003 Brookstown Ave in the West End of Downtown. Visit the bakery for cookies, cakes, pies and other dessert goodies, made just for you. Everything is carefully crafted and made 100% from scratch. The Humblebee Shoppe wants to challenge your perception of scratch made and leave you with an experience you couldn’t possibly forget! For more information follow them on Facebook and visit the website. Tell Brittany we said, “hi!”

Washington Perk is located at 301 W 4th Street. Wolfies Custard. Larry’s Beans Coffee. Eggs, milk and cheese. Condiments. Bread. Beer and Wine. Need we say more? The Perk has them all. Washington Perk is better than a convenience store, not quite a grocery store.

Industry Hill is a business-minded neighborhood in the former Warehouse District. In the district is Mary’s Gourmet Diner, Black Mountain Chocolate, Broad Branch Distillery, Sunshine Beverages, two breweries, The Ramkat and more to come. To find out more follow them on social media or visit the area’s website. Thanks so much to Industry Hill for having a place for us to bring you our podcasts.

Again, keep an eye on this blog and ears out for the podcast. If we need to break in for “breaking news,” you know we will!

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