Buie’s Market to Open in Buena Vista Early Summer

Buie’s Market Location in Buena Vista ©Buie’s Market

Construction is underway on Buie’s Market, which is expected to open in early summer adjacent to Diamondback Grill at the corner of Avalon Road and Spring Garden Road (749 Avalon Road).  Buie’s Market will serve Buena Vista and surrounding areas.  Named in honor of the legendary Buie’s Pharmacy, which occupied the space decades ago, Buie’s Market will offer a variety of fresh, packaged and prepared foods.

Majority owners of Buie’s Market are Stacy Doss and Kristin Holcomb.  Buie’s Market will occupy approximately 3,000 square feet and will have eight full- and part-time employees.  Cassandra Bryant, a former member of the management team at Trader Joe’s, will serve as the manager of Buie’s Market.

Buie’s owners Stacy Doss (l) and Kristen Holcomb (r) (©Buie’s)

Buie’s Market will offer a selection of brewed coffee; craft beers and wines; non-alcoholic beverages; cheeses and dairy items; and an assortment of dry goods as well as canned and packaged local and regional staples. The market also will offer pastries, desserts and breads and a variety of fresh and frozen products including beef, pork, chicken, bison, fish and produce.  Prepared foods to go will include selections from familiar local vendors.

“Our focus will be on local products and fresh produce and meats,” co-owner Kristin Holcomb said.  “We believe that Buie’s Market will rapidly become a community destination as a place to come for coffee, beer and wine with friends or to take home ‘grab and go’ delicious prepared foods.”

“We considered a number of names for the business but kept coming back to Buie’s Market because the name is so well known among neighborhood residents,” co-owner Stacy Doss added.  “Wayne Buie, who operated a pharmacy on the same site for many years, enthusiastically gave us permission to use his family’s name, and we greatly thank him for his support.”


For updates on the opening and what the market will be offering visit: facebook.com/buiesmarket or watch this blog or listen to our podcast!

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