Celebrating a Year with Ray

On October 29, 2018, The Man Who Ate the Town podcast had a guest co-host, Ray Morgan, come in and fill a void that was left when Tim Johnson got too busy, who took Kelly Bone’s place when she got too busy. Ray stayed on and this past Monday was Ray’s one-year anniversary.

Ray brings alternative views of the silliness that I throw out at my listeners. He has a history in sales and marketing (and is darn good at it) so he can talk about that aspect when it comes to food, especially when I question the decisions made the food folks that we talk about. He’s a good sounding board and somehow I always find a food something that he’s not a fan of.

He’s a big fan of chocolate. I’d venture to say it’s his favorite thing. Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate or perhaps him bathing in chocolate would probably be a dream come true for him. If listeners want to get him anything, chocolate would be the thing.

He’s a man of God, he’s a great husband, he’s a great co-host, he’s a great friend.

Thank you, Ray, for a year of great podcast episodes and here’s to many more great episodes! Slàinte! Bon appetit! Cheers!

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