Chef Travis Myers and Ryan Oberle Announce Name of Their New Restaurant

Ryan Oberle (©WSJournal)

Chef Travis Myers

In an interview with The Man Who Ate the Town Podcast on Monday, Chef Travis Myers announced what the name of the long-awaited and much-anticipated restaurant that he owns with Ryan Oberle will be.

Before we get to the name unveiling, let’s talk about the restaurant.

The new restaurant is going to be located and featured in the newest (or is that oldest) phase of the Bailey Power Plant complex that has gone many changes in the last five years. It will feature a Grillworks wood-fired grill and will be the centerpiece of the culinary bar.

The first thing you see when you walk in the main doors, after the name of the restaurant, will be this beautiful Grillworks grill. Small sharable plates that can be customized to your liking will be the fare. Meats, veggies, and more will be done on the Grillworks grill and served for you and your party to enjoy together. What one person wants may not be what another in the party wants so, why compromise? Have a small plate customized for your party.

Woodwork done for the culinary bar and the cocktail bar will be from Sunnyside Mill Works. David Dalholt and his crew do a fantastic job with custom wood, custom furniture, and fixtures. Look at fixtures and features from other restaurants and locations around town. Sir Winston, Indigo Hotel, Trophy Room, etc. Ryan showed me a lot of mockup concepts when I was there doing a walkthrough with him last week. To hear the passion from him that day and Travis yesterday was exciting.

There will be a farm table in front of a tall glass wall that looks into the wine cellar. The other side of the wine cellar will also be glass and will be near the servers’ station. Ryan and Chef Travis individually explained that the wine list was going to be impressive. The cocktail bar will be long and impressive and will feature bottom-lit shelves and fixtures.

There is a private dining area/event room that will feature the ability to keep your events private. The thick concrete walls from the outside will help cushion your info and conversation to anyone you’re not wanting to hear. There will be a projector screen and you can do presentations or rent the space for your fantasy football draft next year. When not used for events or private functions, the room will be an extension of the dining room proper. That dining area will feature murals painted by local artists, a live moss wall, and a water-vapor fireplace. Chef Travis explained that the original idea was for a real fireplace, but that wasn’t feasible. Personally, I think the idea of a water vapor fireplace is fantastic. The water can take on any color you wish, too. If you have a wedding reception there and your colors are green, the water vapor can be green. Instead of blowing things up and creating forest fires, have your gender reveal party in this dining room and pick whatever color you choose for your baby. The large ring pendant lighting will be awesome as well.

What we cannot forget about is the patio. Not to be confused with a courtyard, which connects several venues together, this patio will seat around 100 people outside comfortably. In warmer months, once the afternoon hits, the sun will be on the other side of the building and you won’t be baked by the sun. There will also be fire pits and community tables to add more outdoor amenities and services.

So, I think I’ve held you in suspense long enough. The name of this new culinary and libation destination is SixHundred°.

The name Six Hundred Degrees (stylized with the degree symbol SixHundred°) represents the temperature (Celsius) in which wood burns. Wood can catch fire around 300° Celsius in which the gasses burn and elevate the wood to around 600°. A bonfire burns at 600°C. Being as this restaurant will feature a wood-fired grill and most things will be cooked over that, this name is a perfect fit. It could also represent the food, libation, and atmosphere this restaurant will be creating.

The name was coined partly by Ryan and partly by the folks at Elephant In The Room who are crafting a logo and branding for 600° as this article is being written.

I have had a fantastic time listening to both Ryan and Chef Travis talk about the restaurant. They are stoked (all puns intended) and are anxious to have you try their wares. I know it’s going to be the place to be in WSNC and I know you’re going to love it as well.

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