Diamondback Grill Re-Emerging This Weekend

The past few weeks have seen several businesses either revamping, repurposing, or simply jumping back into the fray after the nightmare we call COVID-19 set the entire world upon its proverbial head.

One big announcement came from Kimberly Gregg, owner of Diamondback Grill, the quaint eatery nestled in the heart of Buena Vista. The message was that Diamondback was re-emerging. This is wonderful news. Kimberly’s husband, “Murph” posted a long and touching post on March 28 that detailed the restaurant’s history, the area’s history, the importance of the community in which it sets and how difficult it was to lay off employees and shutter the dreams he and Kimberly had worked so hard to build and nurture. It was sad, but there were glimmers of hope in that message and it seems that now is the time to return. It is a time for rebirth, re-emergence and progress forward.

According to a post made on Diamondback Grill’s Facebook page (some edits for context):

We’re reopening THIS FRIDAY, May 1st for curbside/takeout!!! Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on menu additions + nightly specials!

You can also go to our website www.diamondbackgrill.com to join our email list for the latest updates….catering, themed dinners, etc.

ALSO… we’re selling bottles of wine for 60% OFF 🍷!

Here are all the ordering details below! We cannot wait to get back to serving you homemade and delicious dinners…

Tuesday-Saturday for now from 5-8:30 pm – we will have someone outside monitoring arrivals for a quick, safe, and easy curbside pickup. 

We will continue to honor COVID guidelines by wearing masks, gloves to prepare the take out orders, as well as continuing to sanitize.

Three ways to contact Diamondback Grill and utilize their services:

  1. Call 336-722-0006 after 3 pm to place your order and pay over the phone. Or…
  2. Order and pay using the SwipeBy app. Or…
  3. Preorder online by 3 pm and pay via PayPal which is coming soon.

Diamondback Grill is located at 751 N Avalon Rd. in Winston-Salem.

I cannot wait to have some Diamondback goodness, soon!

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