Diamondback Grill Update

From the Diamondback Grill Facebook Page:

Dear Diamondback Friends and Family,

Like you all we have been reading and watching the news about COVID-19. Just want you to know we’re on it and we’re adapting quickly. Here’s our plan:

1. FOR OUR REGULAR RESTAURANT PATRONS: We are going to be spreading out our seating in both dining areas for more space between guests and at the bar.

2. DOUBLING UP ON OUR REGULAR STRINGENT CLEANING: The Diamondback already has extensive cleaning procedures and now we’re doubling it up. All surfaces and chairs will be wiped down after each guest and all bar surfaces will be cleaned for each new customer.

3. WE’RE STEPPING UP OUR TAKE-OUT PROCEDURES: We’ll have a more extensive menu available for take-out. When you pull up to the pick-up area on the side, just give us a ring and we’ll be out with your food. Please see the attached photos of our menu (see below).

4. STARTING MONDAY, WE ARE GOING TO BE ACCEPTING PRE-ORDERS FOR FAMILY-STYLE CASSEROLE DISHES. You’ll be able to pre-order delicious meals that you can pop in the oven. Sample menu items include:

Lasagne. Veggie and Beef Casserole
Shrimp & Grits
Chicken Dumplings
Chicken Pot Pie
Beef Stroganoff
Baked Ziti Marinara & Bolognese

Caesar Salad
Salad Wedge
Winter Salad

To place an order, call the Diamondback at 336-722-0006.

5. DON’T FORGET: At the Downtown Diamondback, take-out is available for lunch Monday-Friday. You can pre-order and pay on the phone and pick up in a designated area.

6. IF YOU HAVE OLDER NEIGHBORS OR PARENTS AND WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE A GIFT CERTIFICATE FOR THEM, simply call the Diamondback and we’ll take care of it and take good care of them!

We’ll keep evolving over the next couple of weeks and we’ll stay in touch! Our best to all!

Kimberly and Murphy

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