Miss Jenny’s Pickles to Close

In a video posted on the Miss Jenny’s Pickles Facebook page, Jenny Fulton, Miss Jenny herself announced that as of May 31, “Pickle World,” the lovable nickname for the Miss Jenny’s Pickles world headquarters will be closing shop. Yep, no more Miss Jenny’s Pickles will be manufactured. 

I asked Jenny about closing and her response was, “it’s time to close… it’s a hard category to compete in.” That’s all she offered me, other than “things happen,” but I have a feeling trying to compete with shelf space for Vlasic, Mt. Olive and stores’ contract branded pickles is quite difficult; not unlike the beer market. So, craft pickles have a rough time keeping up with the big boys. That is a shame because this awesome lady gave the big boys her all and gave all of us some delicious craft pickles.

My personal favorite was the habanero bread and butter pickles. It was quite nice.

She doesn’t know, yet, where she’s heading and what the future holds for her, but if she can pull this off, this well… then I have no doubts she will be amazing at whatever she decides or is lead to do and that she will “Pickle Up!” Cheers, Jenny Fulton and to your Miss Jenny’s Pickles.

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