No Podcast This Week

Hi there, readers/listeners/friends!

There will be no The Man Who Ate the Town Podcast this week. Ray and I will be back next week.

Meanwhile, you can go back and listen to old episodes or even check out some of our sister podcasts on The Less Desirables Network.

The Less Desirables, The Beer Dads, Fan Interference, Apartment 5B, Beeswax Vinyl & More has two eps and we are getting ready to record more and there are old episodes (loaded with valuable info) of Sipping NC: The Art of Drinking which is also preparing its comeback. And, we have a few new things coming soon.

As always, I really would appreciate if you visited our sponsors, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, The Humblebee Shoppe and Washington Perk. They make it possible for us to bring you this podcast/blog.

I appreciate your listening and reading!

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