Spirits of Summer is Back!!

My favorite wine/food festival of the year, the only one that really matters as far as I’m concerned is here!

Tomorrow, Spirits of Summer, the festival that took Salute! and The Texas Pete Culinary Festival and paired them nicely, will be on Fourth Street in downtown Winston-Salem between Marshall and Spring streets from Noon until 6p. If you haven’t gotten your tix yet, well shame on you! You can get them for $25 but you have to go right now! (before 5pm Friday). If you wait until you get there, that’s okay, too, but the tix are then $30. Still, six hours of all the wine you can taste and food to purchase and the cool shops and bars along Fourth will be open. All that is hard to beat for $30.

It features the best music, food, wine and beer from the region. NC-based wineries and breweries will have tastings that you can then purchase if you like what you taste and local restaurants will be cooking up their goodies for you to purchase. Many local shops and bars along the street will be open and welcome you in for a respite from the heat as well as have things to see, do and purchase.

The big music stage will be set up outside of Foothills Brewing which will also host the after-party that happens, well, after the event around 9p.

The Lowes Foods Demo Tent will be highlighting chefs from WSNC all day. I am hosting two events one at 130p (Chef Richard Miller of Butcher and Bull) and the other at 230p (Chef Tony Dilisio of Dilisio’s one of our sponsors!).

To purchase your tix visit the Spirits of Summer website.

Come have a great time tomorrow. Eat. Drink. Be merry. But, as always, be responsible.


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