Spruce Street Garden – Craft Tavern to Close Permanently

From the Spruce Street Garden – Craft Tavern Facebook page:

“We are sorry to announce that Spruce Street Garden has succumbed to 2020 and will regretfully close for the unforeseeable future. We will open Friday night October 30 for one last hurrah with a tap takeover from New Sarum Brewing Company. Tap takeover details to follow…
We want to thank everyone for their continued support. We appreciate each and every single person who supported the Spruce Street Garden team. It was an extremely difficult decision to come to and we wish we could keep serving you all through this trying time. We hope we can return one day when life isn’t so crazy and return with a vengeance! We love you all. Thank you so much for everything.”
I know it has been extremely difficult for Alex and Georgia with this restaurant. I feel it never properly got off the ground as they were just getting started, and getting their feet under them, the pandemic hit and threw everything into disarray. They were closed, gathering grounds from PPP and other means and had just really gotten back up and going in the last couple of months. Alex and Georgia just got married a few weeks ago and they had spent money on overhead and, I believe, HVAC and things and now this. I think they have a great vision for what they wanted to do with this. I hope that they can figure out a way to make a go at it again, perhaps in a different location or whatever. I just hate seeing Spruce Street Garden going under. Good luck to you both, Alex and Georgia.

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