The Man Who Ate the Town Podcast Episode #20

In Episode #20, proudly recorded from Test Pattern Studios:

  • The Big Eat.
  • Chef Alex and Vin 205 part ways.
  • Wise Man Brewing opening.
  • King’s Crab Shack to Grow.
  • Skippy’s Hot Dogs.
  • Food holidays and history.

Don’t forget my sponsor, Washington Perk & Provision Company. Better than a convenience store but not quite a grocery store, in the heart of Washington Park and Downtown WSNC.

The Man Who Ate the Town is part of The Less Desirables Network. Give it a listen on iTunes, Stitcher, Podcast Addict and TuneIn, basically anywhere you can listen to podcasts. Or you can listen here (at the bottom of the post).

Slàinte mhath!

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