The Man Who Ate the Town Podcast Episode 5

Second post for today, sorry about that.  This show wasn’t recorded at Test Pattern Studios but you should check out their Facebook page anyway; good stuff is on its way, there!

For show #5:2016-08-16 12.29.11

Food and restaurant news including the death of a popular chef from Washington DC, a local food truck finally sells and a chain could be closing here locally.

Food holidays and history for the week of August 15-21.

I also review our great time at Friday night’s Sweet Summer Luv Luv Festival at Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen and Bar featuring Chef Tim Recher of the Army/Navy Club in Washington DC.

Don’t forget my sponsor, Washington Perk & Provision Company. Better than a convenience store but not quite a grocery store, in the heart of Washington Park and Downtown WSNC.

Give it a listen on iTunes, Stitcher, Podcast Addict and TuneIn. Or you can listen here (at the bottom of the page).

Due to server space restrictions, we have removed this episode from the server. However, we have every episode in “storage.” If you need or want this episode, hit Tim up.

Bon appetit!

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