The Michael Family Restaurant Group Re-Emerges

One of the first sets of restaurants to bow out in March, while the dust was just starting to be stirred up, was the Michael Family Restaurant Group. Mama Zoe Michael’s, Waldo’s Wings, Cin Cin Burger Bar and Yamas Mediterranean Street Food all shuttered up and waited to see where the pandemic was going to take the world.

They were looking out for the safety and health of their customers, their employees, themselves. No one knew what was going to happen. Truthfully, no one knows now. The Michael Family then turned to renovations and construction working on Mama Zoe Michael’s on the renovation that they had been talking about for at least a year prior. It gave them the perfect opening to make that happen. I passed some time.

But, the dust is starting to settle, at least in terms of potential outlooks. On April 23, Waldo’s Wings announced they were going to reopen. That was a start. Yesterday, Cin Cin Burger Bar and Yamas Mediterranean Street Food both opened.

It was a glorious few days, indeed. Lea and Mel went to Yamas to grab some grub and so did we. I wasn’t passing on the opportunity to have some delicious Yamas that I had been craving for the last month. I was giddy and laughed all the way home.

While we were waiting for the curbside order, we saw this beautiful rainbow. Many people posted about it on social media. It was amazing and I think the perfect symbol for this town and all the restaurants, small businesses, service workers and the citizens of this fantastic town.

No word, just yet, on when Mama Zoe Michael’s will reopen, but I imagine it should be soon. Chris is a “spur-of-the-moment” kind of guy and I think when he’s ready, that trigger will be pulled quickly and without hesitation. When I know something I will post it here and/or on the Facebook page.

Waldo’s Wings is located at 2855 Reynolda Road.
Cin Cin Burger Bar is located at 1425 W 1st Street.
Yamas Mediterranean Street Food is located at 624 W 4th Street.

Go grab some food from one or all of these wonderful restaurants and post about it. Tag me if you’d like.

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