The Man Who Ate the Town Podcast Episode 180

In Episode #180, proudly recorded in The Less Desirables Studios (South). Zoom sponsored by Bull’s Tavern:

Tim, Ray, Lea talk about:

  • Sarai Arellanes from Antojitos Las Delicias is on to talk about her family’s restaurant.
  • Kimberly Gregg is on to talk about Diamondback Grill (with some other exciting news)
  • Bib’s Downtown to sell at the end of the month. The mystery of new buyers.
  • Arigato Steakhouse hours.
  • Black Mountain Chocolate inches closer.
  • Willows Bistro expansion.
  • Bar La Ch.ngada, 6th and Vine, Bull’s Tavern closed until spring or until further notice.
  • Other local restaurant news.
  • Tim and Lea talk about “List” updates.
  • Winston-Salem Strong. This website includes the food and beverage list that we have been forging and resources for businesses and individuals that are needed at this time, including unemployment, SBA loans, tips for servers, and many other services. All this in one place. Winston-Salem Strong!

Don’t forget our sponsors:

Carrabba’s Italian Grill Healthy, grilled meats, wood-fired pizzas, fresh ingredients, and phenomenal wine dinners. Those are just some of the offerings of Carrabba’s. And, Daniel Butner, the local proprietario, is salt of the earth and a pillar of good in the community. Go taste the goodness that is Carrabba’s and see why Tim and Ray are always talking it up!

Washington Perk & Provision Company. Better than a convenience store but not quite a grocery store, in the heart of Washington Park and Downtown WSNC.

The Humble Bee Shoppe is challenging your perception of scratch made and leaving you with an experience you couldn’t possibly forget! With inventive flavor combos and a sense of artistry, The Humble Bee Shoppe isn’t your average bakery.

Mojito Latin Soul Food is creating scrumptious Cuban-inspired, Latin-infused street/soul food. Welcoming atmosphere, delicious food, robust cigars, and good times await.

Diamondback Grill. A lovely farm-to-fork eatery nestled in the heart of Buena Vista. Murphy and Kimberly Gregg and company offer fine dining in a casual atmosphere complete with a 20′ wine bar, expert craft cocktails, televisions in the bar area to watch the game, or candlelit dinners in the formal dining area. This gem is waiting to be discovered!

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Bon Appetit!

6th and Vine to Close Until Spring

6th and Vine reposted this from owner Kathleen Barnes:

6th and Vine is grateful for a fantastic outdoor dining season! And, while we’ve extended our “outdoor only” model as long as possible, with temperatures falling, and Covid cases rising, it’s growing difficult to make ends meet. But, we will still be open, this THURSDAY, through SUNDAY, from 11 am to 9 pm. So, please come visit, and support us, before we begin our hibernation.
WE WILL BE BACK … probably in late February or early March!!
On a personal note: the members of my staff have stood beside me with amazing support, love, and laughter, this whole time! They have made the stress fun, instead of debilitating. I have NEVER worked harder in my life (in the restaurant, and as a full-time college professor – online, of course!) It’s been 7 days a week, most hours of the day or night (when I can’t sleep).
6th and Vine has been fortunate, this summer and fall. We love our regular customers/friends, and we’ve made quite a few more this summer!! Come out Thursday or Sunday for ½ price wine; raise a glass in our honor; and celebrate with us ….
TIP your servers!! They’ve more than earned it!
A huge shout out to Patrick Read Johnson (my own personal MacGyver) who engineered so much for us this year!
Hope to see you, this Thursday, through Sunday!! And either way, we WILL see you in the SPRING!
Stay safe, and stop the spread. We can do this!

Stephanie and I ate at 6th and Vine this past Saturday. It was quite cold in the alley but the heated bench made it better. But, the food was outta sight! So good. Check out our Instagram feed to see pics of what we had.