The Re-Emergence Part 4

More places have announcements:

From Old Fourth Street Filling Station’s Facebook:

We are happy to announce, with the Governor allowing us to open for dining, we have chosen to start dining on May 26th at 11 am. As we will use this time to make sure that we are 100% in compliance with the state, we would also like to rest assure the safety and wellbeing of all our guests and staff!

During the next 5 to 6 weeks of Phase 2, our hours of operation will be the following:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  11 am to 8 pm.
Friday  11 am to 9 pm.
Saturday (for high-risk individuals) 10 am to 12 pm.
Saturday (for the general public) 12 pm to 9 pm.
Sunday (brunch only) 10 am to 4 pm.
We will be closed Sunday evenings and all day Monday.

Online ordering, takeout, curbside and delivery will still be offered each day that we are open.

At this time, all seating will be on a first-come-first-served basis, with no reservations. A maximum of up to 6 guests per table at pre-determined tables. All tables will be set with the 6-foot distancing. Tables will not be available within high traffic areas.

All tables and chairs will be sanitized and disinfected before and after each guest is seated.

The waiting area will be our hostess area on the sidewalk (with 6-foot distancing) or in one’s vehicle. Unfortunately, due to the 50% maximum occupancy rule, there will be no waiting area on the patio or inside the restaurant.

All employees, for everyone’s safety, will be wearing masks and gloves when in close contact with all guests to decrease chances of infection.

We appreciate your patience and continued support as we all have had to ensure the flattening of the curve!

From Acadia Foods’ Facebook:

From Cagney’s Facebook:

ATTENTION!!! Today at 5 pm we will be OPEN!!!! We will be adhering to all safety guidelines outlined by the state of NC. We will be at 50% capacity with social distancing practices being implemented. We can’t wait to see all our amazing customers tonight and this weekend!!!!

From Carmine’s Facebook:

In the best interest of our customers and our employees, at Carmine’s we have decided NOT to open our dining room today at 5 pm. HOWEVER, we will be OPEN for take-out and delivery still. So please don’t hesitate to continue ordering from us! We will be opening our dining room at a later date. We would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of our loyal customers who have carried us through these trying times. You all have been amazing! Please hang in there with us as we are still trying to navigate this unprecedented time and act as we see best for our community. Stay safe, stay well, and take care! **If you would like to be added to our email list for Carmine’s updates concerning COVID-19, please send us a message with your listed!**

From Cin Cin Burger Bar’s Facebook:

Our dining room is open and we are so excited to serve our community! We will reopen our dining room operation on Friday, May 22nd at 5:00 PM with 50% capacity. We will resume our business hours from 11:00AM-8:00PM
Please be patient with us during this transition period and as we adjust to new operating and safety procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic.
For the safety of our customers and staff we have made some changes, here is what’s new and what to expect during phase 2.
-Curbside and delivery services will resume
-Employees will continue to wear mask and gloves at all times
-Employees will continue proper hand washing and sanitizing
-Meticulously cleaning
-We will be doing daily employee health screenings before each shift
-Tables and chairs will be set 6 feet apart.
-We’ve rearranged our dining room to accommodate social distancing requirements
-Tables, chairs, menus and other common items will be disinfected after every use
-Customers will be asked to maintain 6 feet apart from each other
-Hand sanitizer will be placed throughout the restaurant for guests
-All condiments have been removed from tables
Thank you so much for your continued support! We can’t wait to serve you once again!

More to come… STAY SAFE WSNC!!!!

Cagney’s Takes Over Olde Orchard (the Deeper Version)

by Timothy G Beeman II

Yesterday I reported that this change was going to happen. Today, I had a chance to sit down with Al Yow, the now-former owner of Olde Orchard Diner to discuss the change. Yow says that he’s been in the food service industry for 40+ years and that’s a long time. He loves his diner but also realizes that his body is tired. It was time to spend a little more time with the grand kids, now. The sale was final as of October 1 and Yow confirmed that the restaurant would continue to operate under Olde Orchard Diner for right now, however, in the very near future, they will close the restaurant, do renovations and reopen under the re-branded name of Cagney’s Kitchen. The menu will, at that time, be uniformed just as the other five locations’ menu, meaniOODCKng the food will be more like the others’.

A few things that will immediately happen are some procedural things that the public probably won’t notice much of. Basically, it’s mostly in the service and behind-the-scenes. What the public will notice is that sometime this week, the Hershey’s Ice Cream cooler will be gone. Cagney’s won’t be keeping that. Also, the hot bar that customers see as soon as they walk through the vestibule will be moved to the kitchen, in the back. They have already changed the biscuits to the kind that is normally served at the other Cagney’s locations. The new restaurant will serve home made desserts, just like the others, as well.

In the dining room, the renovation will eliminate the current seats, tables and booths and replace them with updated fixtures. The ceiling tiles will be replaced with newer ones. Supposedly, according to the chatter I heard about the restaurant, today, Cagney’s expects the renovation to take no more than a week. With the nature of contractors being what it is, we’ll see if that schedule goes as planned. Too many restaurants around town have set “opening dates” but most of those targets are overshot, sometimes by more than a little. It will be interesting to see how the whole changeover goes.

It will be different not seeing Al standing in the serving window of the kitchen and thanking us and “God-blessing” us. He has a back surgery scheduled in the upcoming weeks and the toll that standing for so long has taken on him has led to this. We at The Man Who Ate the Town: A Food Blog wish him and his wife Susan best of luck with whatever they plan to do (I believe Susan plans to work at Cagney’s) and thank them for having it there for us “locals” that needed it and enjoyed it.

You can find more about Cagney’s and their locations (this one will be added soon, I’m sure) by visiting their website (click here).