It’s Burger Season!!

I have teased a Top 5 Burger list for a while and have at least three solids for the first three, but one of those is under renovation from a fire. So, perhaps I’ve been waiting to do the “definitive” list because of that. But, truly, the reason is I don’t know if I’ve had the best burger in WSNC. There are a lot of burgers here.

Today, Tuesday, May 28, is National Burger Day. And, while I can call every single day Burger Day, for the majority of people, I think between Memorial Day and Labor Day, both the unofficial start and end of Summer respectively, that between those dates it is “Burger Season,”

I’m going to start a three-month journey into WSNC “burgerdom.” I’m going to get recommendations from our listeners and readers and from today through Monday, September 2 which isn’t only Labor Day this year, but Stephanie’s and my 5th Wedding Anniversary, I will then compile my Top 5, maybe Top 10 Burger List.

So, again, I’m going to need your help, both my podcast listeners and blog readers. Tell me your favorite burger in town.

There are some caveats, though. Instead of generalizing it and say “fast food burgers” I’m going to give a specific list. I say that because there are a few non-traditional fast food joints that I do frequent, the biggest being Zesto Burgers & Ice Cream. Incidentally, that’s what I have said is my top burger. But, because I haven’t tried all the others, I don’t know.

So, here’s where I will not eat and won’t accept a recommendation about: McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Hardees, Five Guys, Cook Out, Steak-N-Shake, Sonic or Red Robin. I also won’t accept “You should try mine!” This is for everyone, it’s public and should not be private parties. There may be a time when I put something like that together, maybe a TMWATT Burger Cookoff or something. But, not for this.

Also, you can recommend specialty burgers like the “Smoke Batch” at Burger/Small Batch or “Bootlegger’s Bourbon Burger” from Cin Cin Burger Bar or whatever. I may make a special category for those, but, the main focus will be a Cheeseburger (single or double) with mayo, mustard, pickles, onion and tomato. That’s my standard and what I go for when I go for burgers. But, if there’s something that I just absolutely NEED to try, tell me and I’ll work it in.

If you’re not sure how a burger falls in my caveat, ask, it may or may not qualify. I will take recommendations for food trucks if burgers are their specialty. Also, if it’s in Kernersville, Clemmons, North WSNC, heck, even as far as Yadkinville, I’ll take the recommendations. They’re most likely eligible. Does your favorite BBQ or hot stand do burgers and you just have to have them? Then let’s talk!

Now, I have to be smart about this. I can’t just go crazy having burgers every day. Stephanie made me promise that if I do this that we have to watch everything else that I eat, so I have to have a lot of plants and green things. I may see if Sha’Retha at Happie Food can help me with that. I will not go vegan, or really even vegetarian but I can make better choices.

Eating all these burgers will rack up some expenses, so if you are a restaurateur that wants to donate your burger for the project, I would greatly appreciate that. Also, if anyone is interested in introducing me to a burger and picking up the tab, I’m probably not going to turn that down.

I’m also in the market for sponsors for this, as well. I don’t need to make tons of money, but I would like to cover my expenses and gas. Even if you’re not in the food biz, I can work out some advertising on one or more of the podcasts or me doing blog posts or public appearances for or at your businesses. I’d greatly appreciate anything that you can help with, and I will be promoting a lot of people here. I actually think a non-burger restaurant or business would be a great sponsor, that way it’s not looked at like bribing me.

So there you have it. Send me recommendations to tim@themanwhoatethetown, on our Instagram or Facebook platforms. I really want the public’s input on this. I think we need a definitive list. Not just for me but for the town I eat.