The Man Who Ate the Town Podcast Episode 172

In Episode #172, proudly recorded in The Less Desirables Studios (South). Zoom sponsored by Bull’s Tavern:

Tim, Ray, and Lea talk about:

  • Daniel Butner talks about Daniel Butner Day, Mission to Serve, and more!
  • West End Cafe.
  • The Tap.
  • Cheesecakes by Alex.
  • Bootleg Ramen.
  • Other local restaurant news.
  • Tim and Lea talk about “List” updates.
  • Winston-Salem Strong. This website includes the food and beverage list that we have been forging and resources for businesses and individuals that are needed at this time, including unemployment, SBA loans, tips for servers, and many other services. All this in one place. Winston-Salem Strong!
  • Food holidays and history.
  • Don’t forget our sponsors:

Cheesecakes by Alex Closing Temporarily After Positive COVID-19 Test

Cheesecakes by Alex announced today that both its Greensboro and Winston-Salem locations would close temporarily after a WSNC employee tested positive for the coronavirus, COVID-19. The following picture is from their Facebook page.