Welcome Our Newest Sponsor, DiLisio’s Italian Restaurant!

Tony Dilisio making magic! (©Dilisios)

That’s right! We are so very happy to announce that long-time friends of the show (and this blog), DiLisio’s Italian Restaurant has become our newest sponsor.

When we talk on this show about Italian food, what one place stands out in our conversations? That’s right. DiLisio’s. Tony and Maria DiLisio know Italian because they’re true Italians. Tony is from Naples and Maria’s family is as well. The restaurant has been open for 4 years and delivers the finest of Italian cuisines to your table.

Their menu is extensive. There’s so much on that menu that it takes me about 20 minutes to decide what I want, and that is because I want all of it. The portions are huge and the prices are great in the food-to-price-point ratio. I don’t think I’ve ever walked out there hungry or unsatisfied.

They’re open M-Th 11 to 9 and F-Sat 11 to 10. They are closed on Sundays but sometimes have wine tasting dinners that will happen on Sundays. They’re located at 301 Brookstown Ave, in the SOB40 district where Twin City Hive, Meridian, Senor Bravos and Camino Brookstown is located, across from the Brookstown Inn. You can find them on social media and on their website.

Thanks to Tony and Maria!