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There will be no The Man Who Ate the Town Podcast this week. Ray and I will be back next week.

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The Less Desirables, The Beer Dads, Fan Interference, Apartment 5B, Beeswax Vinyl & More has two eps and we are getting ready to record more and there are old episodes (loaded with valuable info) of Sipping NC: The Art of Drinking which is also preparing its comeback. And, we have a few new things coming soon.

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The Man Who Ate the Town Podcast Episode #9

In Episode #9, proudly recorded from Test Pattern Studios:cowboy-brazilian-steakhouse-logo-400x74-31

  • Food holidays and history for the week of September 19-25.
  • Jordan Keiper of Tavern at Old Salem receives accolades.
  • Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouse pursues a new location.
  • A brief mention of Katharine Brasserie.

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