WSNC Restaurants That Plan to Close for July 4th

Updated on July 2, 2020. New additions notated with “*”

Traditionally, the July 4th holiday is a time for many WSNC restaurants to take their collective vacations, mostly for the week of. A time to reset. Time to make up for being open – in some cases – 7 days a week. We all need our time off. We all need a respite. We all know, now, that self-care is very important. This year, however, things are anything but “traditional.”

While many of these same restaurants have just reopened, others have been working overtime to stay relevant during the weird, hard, and unpredictable C-19 pandemic. Despite what they have been doing, it is my opinion that they need a rest. Some of the restaurants are doing just that. Here is the (potentially growing) list of WSNC restaurants that will be closed for July 4th or even beyond. All of this info is cultivated by their Facebook pages and if your favorite location isn’t on this list, I would highly recommend that you still call before you visit any location to make sure they are open (you can find their number on the F&B List). It is assumed, however, that if they are not posting closure on their Facebook, they are open. Here’s the list:

1703 Restaurant closed July 4 & 5.
Athena Greek Taverna closed from Monday, June 29 until Sunday, July 5.
*Baked Just SO closed July 4-7.
Bib’s Downtown closed Sunday, July 5.
Bobby Boy Bakeshop from Saturday, June 27 through Monday, July 6.
Carmine’s Italian closed from Monday, June 29 through Thursday, July 9.
*Diamondback Grill Closed July 4.
Kermit’s Hot Dogs will be closed July 1 through July 15 for their annual maintenance (and maybe some vacation).
*La Casa Lopez Closed July 2-5.
Meridian Restaurant closed for Holiday from Saturday, July 4 through Sunday, July 12.
Mission Pizza closed for Holiday- Until July 9.
Mrs. Pumpkins closed Thursday, July 2 through Saturday, July 4.
Pulliam’s closed Friday, July 3 & Saturday, July 4.
*Real Q closed July 4-8.
The Carriage House closed Wednesday, July 1 through Monday, July 6.
Vincenzo’s closed Saturday, July 4 through Tuesday, July 7.
Walkertown Seafood Shack closed Monday, June 29 through Monday, July 6.
Wine Merchants closed Saturday, July 4 through Tuesday, July 7.

As always, Lea and I have done our best to curate this list as accurately as possible. If you have a food/beverage establishment and you don’t see your place of business on this list and you will be closed for the holiday (or dates surrounding it), please, feel free to contact me to get added. Also, if there are any errors, please inform me of that, as well. Enjoy your holiday week!

The Re-Emergence Part 9

We have had a lot of updates today and yesterday and those are mostly from “my side” of the list. I do all establishments on the list from “1709” to “Los Torito’s.” Lea keeps me informed on “her side” and I fill in where I can. But, it will continue to be hectic for the next few weeks. Here’s part 9:

From La Casa Lopez’s Facebook: (edited from all caps)

Ok my lovely friends, finally we can open today at 5:00 PM. Your Restaurant La Casa Lopez Mexican Grill.

Thank you, everyone, for all your support.
So see you soon.

God bless everyone thank you 🙏🏼 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

From Little Richard’s Barbecue’s Facebook:

To Our Beloved Customers,

Your safety is our foremost priority. Therefore, we will be taking many steps to help ensure an even cleaner and sanitary restaurant environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. The following steps are being taken by your Little Richard’s team:

1. Curbside and drive-thru will continue to be encouraged.
2. Employees will go through daily health screenings with temperature checks.
3. Employees will wear face coverings and gloves.
4. Employees will consistently wash hands with warm soap and water.
5. The restaurant will operate at no more than 50 percent capacity.
6. Meticulous cleaning prior to opening our doors daily.
7. We will continuously sanitize all common areas (hallways, entryways, bathrooms, counters, etc.).
8. All tables and chairs will be separated at least 6 feet apart.
9. Customers will be asked to wait at least 6 feet apart from each other.
10. Condiments and menus will no longer be placed on tables.
11. Hand sanitizer will be available for customer use.

We appreciate your willingness to help us in keeping a safe eating environment. Please follow the “3-Ws: Wear, Wait and Wash” and together, as a community, we will overcome this virus.


Your Little Richard’s Family

From Los Torito’s Facebook:

They go on to say that their dining room and patio will be open, weather permitting.

From Earl’s WS’ Facebook:

Countdown starts now, y’all! Earl’s opening back up in 5 days! Wednesday at 4 pm! Gonna ease back into normalcy with this schedule right here. We got plenty of square footage outside & in to space y’all out and social distance like a champ.

#earlsws #winstonsalem #wsncfood #covidupdate #dtwsnc #camelcity #bestofwinston #mywsnc

From Mayflower Seafood’s Facebook:

Our dining room will be open today at 5 pm!!! We will obviously be in accordance with what the governor has recommended. We will only be at 50% capacity and will be practicing social distancing and conforming to all the new rules and regulations during phase 2. We can’t wait to see all of our amazing customers and we want to thank every one of you that supported and continue to support us during these hard times. Also we wanted to thank all our employees for their dedication and hard work. Thank you and God bless you.
Mayflower Seafood

More to come! Stay safe WSNC!!