The Man Who Ate the Town Podcast Episode 3

The very first The Man Who Ate the Town Podcast that was recorded in Test Pattern Studios.

This week I give congratulations to all my food and partnership buddies that won awards on Smitty’s Notes Best of 2016. I only went over the stuff that was relative to this podcast of the sister shows of The Less Desirables Network. If you’d like to read the whole thing you can find it by visiting HERE.

Also, last week I talked about Sir Winston coming back, but I didn’t have time to ask about what happened to the Brazilian steakhouse that was supposed to go in there before Mike Coe sold it to InterContinental Hotel Group’s Indigo impression. This week, I do.

Give it a listen on iTunes, Stitcher (just added), Podcast Addict and TuneIn. Or you can listen here.

Bon appetit!

Smitty’s Reports Las Estrellas Mexican Restaurant Closed

Jeff Smith, of Smitty’s Notes, has posted that Las Estrellas Mexican Restaurant has closed its doors, for good.  I know many of my friends have stated that they really loved this restaurant.  My only experience with it, my one and only, was not very good.

It was about 7 years ago and, while I forget what it was I ate, I haven’t forgotten the experience.  I was having something, most likely a quesadilla or a combo or something, and in it there was a long hair in it.  That wasn’t all. There was also a hair in the margarita that I had ordered.  I’m glad it was on the rocks and not frozen. I reported both of them to the manager (owner?) that was there and they gave me and the person I was there with’s food for free.  That was nice of them.

Hair in my food has always been a fear and reality of mine, remind me one day to post about a Hardee’s experience.  And, I’ve had a hair in my food before and have gone back if the restaurant handles it correctly; they did here. However, when two items were ruined by hair, I can’t stomach that.  I swore I’d never return and I didn’t.

While I hate to see any business, especially a restaurant, go out of business, I can’t say that I’m surprised, upset, or even care.  For those who did like it, I feel for them.  It’s my understanding that Senior Bravo on Marshall Street is owned by the same family and from what I can tell, that place is rocking all the time. Maybe they’re going to be in good shape.

Thanks, Jeff, for the info.