The Re-Emergence Part 12

The final stretch on “Catch-Up Saturday!” Here’s part 12:

From Taco Rico Taqueria’s Facebook:

Dear customers, we will be operating on regular schedules and will be open to eat inside at 50 % capacity. Our goal is to keep a clean and safe home for our clients and our team. We would like to take the time to thank you for your continued support during these months. We will make an additional effort to make sure we keep our place as clean as possible.
– Taco Rich

** Learn more about what we have implemented to help keep everyone safe in our community:

Dear guests we will be operating on regular hours and open for dine-in at 50% capacity. Our goal is to maintain a clean, and safe environment for our employees and customers. We would like to take the time to THANK YOU for your continued support over these past couple of months. We will be going the extra mile to make sure we keep you safe!

We’ve completed new COVID-19 training and are now a participating #CountOnMeNC business! Learn more about what this means and the enhanced safety measures we’ve implemented to help keep everyone in our community safe:

From Tequila Mexican Restaurant’s Facebook:

The family and staff of Tequila Mexican Restaurant are happy to announce that we will be opening our doors for dine-in service at 5:00 PM on Friday! Our staff will be taking all the required health precautions seriously during these times in order to ensure your safety. Come and visit us to drink those margaritas we’ve all been missing!

From The Flour Box & Tea Room’s Facebook:

We will open dine-in service on Wednesday, June 3rd.
We are still offering to-go orders. Find our menu on our website and previous posts
We are looking forward to serving you! Thank you for your continuous trust and support 🙏❤️
📱 message us here!

From The Porch Kitchen & Cantina’s Facebook: (it’s long but important)


Since March 17 when we closed all of our dining rooms, we have missed you all so much. Like you, we miss the joyous sounds of a full dining room, the clatter of a clean rack of cocktail glasses being brought out of the dish room just in time to make that next margarita, the laughter of a shared joke between servers as they try to keep customers happy and well-fed. We miss having specials and watching customers enjoy them, we miss hosting local bands, we miss planning events and special menus for holidays and community festivals. We miss the family birthdays, awkward first dates, parents out with their tiny kids just hoping to make it through the meal without too many tears, colleagues out for a Friday night happy hour, catering weddings, and all of those moments that we are so lucky to get to share with you.

And so we, like you, are eager to go back to “normal” because these weeks have been so hard.

But stronger than that desire is our commitment to preserving the safety of our staff and customers. We are also committed to maintaining the Take-Out, Delivery, Dinners on the Porch and Grab & Go operation that we’ve been doing these past few months, and that takes a huge amount of energy, organization, space, and people to operate in a safe manner. We will not lower our standards on that operation, even if it means that we’re going to have to move slowly in terms of re-opening.

For now, we have made the decision to offer dining at our outside tables only. We will keep our dining rooms closed for the foreseeable future as we learn more about how to keep everyone safe, how to manage this new business model that all of us in the restaurant industry have ginned up overnight, and how to try to spark some of that restaurant magic from behind a mask and 6′ away.

For now, we are excited to be able to take the small step of opening up our outside patios at The Porch this Saturday, and in a little while, at Alma. But it’s going to be a little “extra,” or, actually, just plain weird.

To get going, we have prepared a four-page (!!!) Reservation Policy that I’m pretty sure is more detailed than the contract I signed to buy our house. It felt ridiculous to write it, it feels ridiculous to ask you to read it, and I’m really hoping that one day we can all look back and laugh about how you had to practically sign a pre-nup to go get some tacos. But this is the way forward for now, so even though it’s a pain, we’ll do it if it means getting one step closer to a better place.

So I hope you’ll have patience and grace as we bumble forward. I know that many other restaurants in Winston are coming up with their own creative ideas to meet the new reality, and we’re all cheering one another on. For some, opening up makes lots of sense and will be awesome, for others, staying closed is the only choice, while for others, a slow path forward with lots of restrictions and rules is the best plan. None of us has a crystal ball, but we’re all trying so hard to welcome you back for the long term, even if that means staying closed right now. So have patience, give constructive feedback, help us keep one another safe, and let’s do this thing in a way that we’ll all be proud of at the end of the day.

In closing, I keep trying to think of a way to say “Thank You” that will convey what is really in my heart. When we closed our dining rooms on March 17, I didn’t really think there was any way we’d survive to the other side. I know we’re not on the other side yet, but every day I have woken up to emails, posts, letters in the mail, messages and countless displays of support that have buoyed up our little lifeboat to the point that there are some moments when we can really feel the wind at our back and the sun on our face.

Thank you a million times over. We are feeling #winstonstrong.

From The Prescott’s Facebook:

In light of Governor Cooper’s announcement that North Carolina will be entering Phase 2, we are excited to announce that starting tomorrow our patio will be open! You can place your order for #PrescottPickUp and enjoy your meal outside. We will have a limited selection of beer and wine available for you to purchase to enjoy alongside your meal. Tables on our patio will be spaced 6ft apart to abide by social distancing guidelines. We are taking extra steps to ensure the safety of our staff and valued customers, so we won’t be opening our dine-in seating at half capacity until Friday, May 29th. In the meantime, please continue to place your pick up orders to take home or enjoy outside!

Thank you for your continued support! We are so excited to open our doors and welcome all of our guests back!

#PrescottPickUp #supportlocal #downtownkernersville

More to come! Stay safe WSNC!!