Dewey’s Bakery to introduce new concept in Winston-Salem

Dewey’s Bakery, a nearly 100-year-old staple of Winston-Salem, is introducing a “new-to-us” concept at their Thruway Shopping Center and Reynolda Road locations. I say “new” to us because they did the concept in Greensboro, as a standalone store, but the ‘Boro folks demanded a real Dewey’s, and Dewey’s acquiesced to their request.

So, Tim, jeez o’pete! Get on with it already. What is this new concept?

The Man Who Ate the Town noshing a Dewzy

This is called the DEWZY.

It’s a delightful, layered dessert that starts with Dewey’s famous cake (several flavors) as a base, then ice cream, fillings, whipped cream, and sugar cookie.

Okay, but what is it!?!?

Several years back, Dewey’s bought Blue Ridge Ice Cream and while they have kept the BRIC dream alive, they have modified the ice cream a bit. I don’t like hard ice cream, and soft serve is sometimes too iffy. Dewey’s Ice Cream is all the goodness from BRIC but in a medium-textured frozen treat. It’s closer to the soft serve but with more body and more oomph. The flavors are really good, as well. I’ll get to that in a bit.

So, if you like jelly or custard or pudding-filled things (like doughnuts), then Dewey’s has the accouterments for you. I know. I know! Settle down. I’m just laying out the components.

Let’s get to this Dewzy.

Take the thing that people think of first when they think of Dewey’s – at least what I think of first – and that’s the cake.  Which cake flavor you ask? Well, that depends on the Dewzy you choose. Vanilla and chocolate are mostly in the pre-conceived recipes, but, c’mon, it’s Dewey’s. They may have some pink lemonade or other faves lying about. I’d ask first, don’t quote me on that!

Boston Cream Pie Dewzy

The ice cream flavors do rotate, but they have some standards. Vanilla, chocolate, honey latte, butter pecan, mint chocolate chip, and more.

But, here’s where the fun starts. The fillings, fillers, and toppings. Banana pudding, bananas, buttercream icing, chocolate shavings, hot fudge, pecans, caramel, lemon custard, mocha chips, chocolate mint candy, peanut butter cups, peanut sauce, and the list grows. Top this creation with a fluffy, velvety whipped cream, and top it with another thing Dewey’s is known for… a Moravian sugar cookie.

Think of it as a modified trifle. A trifle is a thin layer of sponge fingers or sponge cake soaked in sherry or another fortified wine, a fruit element, custard, and whipped cream layered in that order in a glass dish. We have to take away the alcoholic elements of course, but the idea is very similar.

I got to try three different versions of Dewzies when I visited the store.

The first one I had was the Boston Cream one. One of Stephanie’s and my favorite trips was to Boston. We stayed at the Omni Parker House, which isn’t just where the Parker House roll came from, it’s where the Boston Cream Pie came from. Custard runs over and through the vanilla cake, with vanilla ice cream and just enough fudge sauce to round out the fillings before you put on the whipped goodness and Moravian essential, the sugar cookie. A solid “A” for this one.

Peanut Butter Cup Dewzy

Up next, is the Peanut Butter Cup. Y’all. A certain, orange-wrapped peanut butter cup is one of my favorite dessert treats ever. This isn’t that, so don’t get silly. But, it isn’t far from it. Chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate, and peanut sauces swirled over those, with chunks of peanut butter candies (or broken cups) topped with the whippy cream yumminess and the sugar cookie. I have to say it was a bit too cold for these rich flavors to come out at first, but as I let it warm up a bit, the flavors started to make their way to the stage. Another solid “A.”

The final sample (and by sample, I mean full-sized “small” (which are 9oz cups)) was my favorite of the three, the Coffee Break. So, here we have vanilla cake with espresso-soaked custard, honey latte ice cream with mocha chips, then topped with whipped cream and the sugar cookie. Man, the coffee-flavored ice cream with the vanilla cake and the espresso custard? My eyes are rolling back in my head thinking of it. It was so good. It was robust, to say the least. I won’t get stupid with the rating, so let’s stay with “A+,” although I could add a few extra “+++” to it.

Other pre-determined menu items are (each includes the whipped cream and cookie):

Banana Pudding – sweet banana-creamy pudding, vanilla cake, vanilla ice cream, and of course, more bananas!
Birthday Party – Vanilla cake, white buttercream icing, vanilla ice cream, and sprinkles.
Black Forest Cherry – Cherries that are a little sweet and a little tart, with fudge, chocolate cake, and twisty chocolate shavings.
Caramel Turtle – just like a Turtle Sundae with pecans, caramel AND fudge sauce, vanilla ice cream on top of BOTH chocolate and vanilla cake.
Lemon Bar – Mouth-puckering lemon curd filling, vanilla ice cream, vanilla cake.
Mint Chocolate – Dewey’s mint choco-chip ice cream with chunks of chocolate mint candies, chocolate cake, and fudge sauce.
Ultimate Chocolate – Chocolate everything. Cake, ice cream, shavings, fudge sauce, kitchen sink, kitchen utensils, er… okay not the sink and utensils, but if there is something chocolate you can think of, chances are, it’s in this.

Coffee Break Dewzy

Now, this menu of dessert heaven should have something for just about everyone, but if you’re one of those who just have to have it your way, then, you’re in luck. Every single Dewzy is made-to-order, so leave something off (I’m not sure about adding things) if you want. But, if you’re really trying to satiate your creative juices, then you can make your own with just about any dessert offering in the building (within reason). Let’s put it this way… you are your own Picasso when it comes to your masterpiece.

So, when is this happening?
The Thruway Shopping Center launch is August 13 (262 S. Stratford Rd) from 11a-7p.
The Reynolda Road launch is September 9 (2876 Reynolda Rd) from 11a-7p.

I think this is a good thing. Dewey’s Bakery is stepping out and expanding its sweet horizons. I’m going to have to go back for more. I really want to try the Lemon Bar, the Birthday Party, and Black Forest Cherry. When you go, and I know you will, tell them that The Man Who Ate the Town sent you!!!!

The price points are $6 for a 9oz cup. $9 for a 20oz cup. $15 for a 32oz cup. They need a T-shirt competition for that big one.



Dinner Guest – The Man Who Ate the Town

It was again my turn to contribute to the Dinner Guest column for Triad City Bites over at Triad City Beat, the alt-weekly magazine.

This quarter I talked about my five years and counting without traditional fast food.

You can read the article HERE. I would appreciate it and I am pretty sure Brian, Jordan and the folks over at TCB would, too.

Thanks, TCB!

The Man Who Ate the Town Featured in Winston-Salem Monthly Magazine

So, I’ve known about this for a while but I’ve held off on saying anything until I had actual “proof” of it.

©Jay Sinclair

I was featured in the Winston-Salem Monthly Magazine this month, which is “unofficially” their food issue.

Michael Breedlove contacted me to put my two cents in about meals/dishes/etc in Winston-Salem that I just couldn’t live without. They contacted a few of my foodie friends/blogger friends and asked them the same things. Chef Travis Myers and Willows Bistro got my vote (well several of them did, but this was the one that was highlighted as “mine.”). But, that wasn’t the end of it.

Michael also interviewed me about this blog and the podcast that goes with it. So, instead of me doing a lot of “self-horn-honking” I’m just going to point you over that way, for those who aren’t subscribers to Winston-Salem Monthly, which, unfortunately, I am not. But, you should be! It’s a great little publication.

I’ve gotten a few shoutouts because of it. I’m proud of it, I must say. And, I got a Kelly Bone mention in, too!

Here’s the article. Thanks, Michael, Suzy, Jay and all others over at Winston-Salem Monthly!

Giving a New Taco a Try

(l to r: chorizo, tripe, barbacoa, al pastor)

My friend and fellow food writer, Eric Ginsburg of Triad City Beat had written about El Rancho Taqueria and their tacos in the last week or so. He speculated that “these might be the best tacos in the Triad” about them in that article. I’d like to think that as a good “foodie” that I take suggestions from my peers and run with them… or taste them.  So, when my son Trey said that he wanted tacos, I thought, well, now’s the time.

We went in and it was nothing remarkable. It was just a restaurant space with run-of-the-mill furniture and very plain interior. But, the ambiance isn’t the star here. That would be the food. They have tacos, burritos, gordita, ACP,  Carne Asada, quesadilla and all the usual fare you’d expect at a typical Mexican restaurant.

This isn’t your strip mall chain Mexican, though. You know the stuff. You sit down and get your free chips and salsa, order whatever it is you want and have it “piping hot” and “freshly made” within five minutes. The food is fairly decent, definitely hot, and you go home full. I’ll admit, I like that, but this…?

This is fresh stuff that is truly authentic. All of it. Lots of limes, cilantro and onions. Yes, I said onions. There’s a good bit to choose from, too. Lots of meat choices. Carne Asada (beef), Pollo (chicken) chorizo, al pastor (usually lamb), barbacoa (barbecued meat), Cabeza (usually from roasted heads of beef), Lengua (tongue) and tripa (tripe – stomach of beef). There may be a few more, but I think that covers it; you get the picture. I have had tongue before, but don’t remember if I liked it so I opted out of that tonight, only because I wanted to try some of the other stuff.

In my four taco plate, I got one each of the chorizo, barbacoa, al pastor and tripa. Yes, tripe. I had never had tripe before and definitely wanted to try it. When they brought out the plate, about 15 minutes later (meaning it was cooked fresh and they took the time to do it right), it was covered with cilantro and onions (light, as I requested), sliced radishes, five or six limes and a roasted jalapeno. In this bed of green, white and red sat four tacos. I asked which was which of the server who laughed nervously and indicated she didn’t really know. She pointed at what I thought looked like chorizo and said it was the tripe. Turns out it wasn’t. The tripe was next to it and I had already gone through that before I realized it. I asked another server about it and she brought me out a small plate with a good bit of tripe on it for Trey and me to try. It was pretty good. Lots of flavor. Kind of like chicken liver but without the foulness that comes with it and also without the grittiness that liver has. I don’t like liver, but I liked this; beef-like in its flavor.

The barbacoa had a tanginess to it that went well with the meat beneath the sauce. The chorizo was a little dry but that’s the way it is most of the places I’ve had it. I fixed that with the ranchero and Rojas sauces. Just a bit, I wanted to taste the tacos. The al pastor was probably my least favorite but was still pretty good. I liked the tripe taco and, as I said, I didn’t realize what it was until it was gone. A little crispy but beefy in flavor so I think that’s why I mistook it after being shown the chorizo one to be it. No worries, it was still delicious. The onions and cilantro were nothing more than accent. Cilantro, to me, creates a very vibrant, crisp and fresh flavor to everything. I cook with it often because of this. But, they didn’t overtake the flavor of the meat within the fluffy corn folds of the tortillas. I did sprinkle a bit of lime juice over the tacos to add that acid, but again, not too much. These are some darned fine tacos. Next time I go, I’ll try some of the other items on the list but tonight we were there, specifically, for the tacos.

The place was jam-packed with people and it was truly a very diverse crowd. All of them noshing, waiting or just enjoying the afterglow of fantastic tacos, having great conversation and loving life. I left there loving life. I think, though, my elation was mostly that I had tripe and liked it. But, the tacos were really that good. I can’t wait to take Stephanie for her first time and Trey back again.

El Rancho Taqueria is located at 613 E Sprague St in the Waughtown neighborhood of Winston-Salem.  You can find more about them on their Facebook page. I highly recommend trying this great place if you’re into more authentic Mexican food and especially if you’re not so much “Americanized” Mexican food. Just go try it. Let me know what you think.