Bull’s Tavern to Close for Season After This Weekend

Bull’s Tavern posted this on their Facebook page this morning:

A personal message from the boss lady…
With the increased restrictions, Bull’s will be open this week:
Wednesday – Thursday – 5-11pm
Friday – Sunday – 5-9pm
*All standard pandemic protocols apply
My initial thoughts are this is the last weekend of Bull’s until Spring, but the staff and I will have a discussion early next week to confirm that decision. I’m so proud of my tiny skeleton crew that has managed to keep such a positive outlook through such a difficult time.
We still have really cool hoodies and t-shirts for sale if you want to support us but don’t feel comfortable coming out right now. I can ship for an additional charge of $5 and I’m happy to deliver to porches throughout the Triad.
I am confident that Bull’s will make it through this and other challenges it will face in the future. We are looking forward to the days when we can go back to being Bull’s again, bands playing on stage, rotating taps with interesting beers, shot glasses slamming on the bar top, the karaoke nights with all of the entertaining and talented singers of WSNC, we miss all of it and all of you! It’s the free-spirited and fun-loving place!
Since I know as soon as I hit “post,” someone will reply with, “just open up.” I’m going to address the multitude of reasons why we will NOT be doing that so I can just say it once and for all. I’ve never been more exhausted from having the same conversation in my life.
We have made it nine years in business without an ABC violation and I plan to keep it that way. Unlike other businesses that don’t sell alcohol, we are governed by the ABC (the group who permits us and sells us liquor) and the ALE (the division of the SBI that makes sure we are following the rules), there’s no consistency of how violations are enforced. Ask any ABC holder and they will tell you the same frustrating story. After being closed for nine months, I don’t have the resources to pay lawyers and fines to fight a violation where I’m clearly in the wrong.
ABC violations cause a business’ liquor liability premiums to increase, considering that bill is already higher than a good yearly salary, I’m not coming out of this with another huge bill. At best, it looks like I’m going to have to go back to a 9-5 for a couple of years while running Bull’s at night to dig the business out of debt. Now, if bars had been allowed to open when the breweries and restaurants did, when the viral spread was low and the weather was nice outside, would the circumstances be different? Of course, they would, but it’s the “Bible Belt” and the ABC laws haven’t been updated in our state since prohibition was repealed, so that wasn’t the case.
When I started on this journey nine years ago, I had two goals in mind, first to open my own business and the other to provide my Daddy with a job that didn’t involve him running a piece of heavy equipment. I accomplished both those goals. My love of music and that magic you feel when you listen to it live led me rightly down this path. I’ve met so many amazing people along this journey, from the musicians to fellow business owners, to people I’ve employed over the years, to patrons that become family and everyone else I’ve met along the way, I’m grateful to you. I was determined to turn that dream into a reality so many years ago and I’m determined to keep Bull’s alive and flourishing post-pandemic.
This virus is very real. I can’t scroll my social media without seeing constant posts from friends who either have the virus, had the virus, have family in the hospital with the virus, or sadly lost someone to the virus. It’s surreal every time I mindlessly scroll through my phone. Personally, I’ve been in isolation for the past three weeks and plan to stay that way until the vaccine comes available. I had a strong, sobering warning from my physician of the long-term danger than COVID could cause to my body since my immune system is already hostile with lupus. I’ve got to take care of me, to keep Bull’s going in the future. Take care of each other, wear your mask, stay distant, do all the things you need to do to take care of yourself and your family.
If you want to do something that doesn’t cost a dime, that could truly help a local business owner, call our hometown Senator Richard Burr’s office 202-224-3154. Ask him to support some form of a relief package that helps to fund small businesses and the unemployed. He took no issue warning his wealthy donors that this pandemic was eminent, selling his own stocks or bailing out Wall Street. It’s time he steps up to the plate and helps those who truly make up the fabric of his own community and our country.
I love you all and I can’t wait to be a serial hugger on the other side!
Love and Light,
Danielle Bull