The Winston-Salem Bar/Restaurant/Food/Beverage Community

This is the most comprehensive list that I could compile as of right now. These restaurants’ hours and modes of service can change at a moment’s notice. I have tried to confirm with the establishments themselves all the things listed here. Some have been via phone calls. Some via text or messages. Much came from the social media pages of the establishments. Many thanks to Lea Metz who has been instrumental in helping me compile this list. She has gathered info, compiled info and more. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Also, note that the table has several “keys” on the right side. That is only a key and is repeated often in the table. It’s not just for the restaurants it is beside. You can also search for your desired establishment. Also, also note that when it says “closed” that means temporarily. If they were closed for good, they would not be on this listing.

I know that this is missing a lot of restaurants and I will add as I can get to them. I wanted to get this out because people are needing the info and the businesses need your business. If you are a food/beverage business IN WINSTON-SALEM and you don’t see your info, or if your info is incorrect, or you have a change in status, please contact me and I will get it changed immediately. Support local businesses (including the chains as they pay taxes and their employees are locals). Wash your hands. Stay safe.

If you have an addition or modification, please email Tim: or Lea:

See the list here